Integrated Management Systems in Saudi Arabia

Congratulations to Antaris Consulting, our Quality, Environment, Health and Safety and Energy training partner, who recently won a consultancy contract in Saudi Arabia. Gerry Higgins Managing Director of Antaris said We are delighted with our recent appointment by the Ma’aden Phosphate Company in Saudi Arabia to implement an integrated Management System (Safety, Health, Quality, Environment & Energy) in their operations.

The Management System, which is to be completed within a challenging time frame, is to be showcased at the World Enviro-Management Conference 2012 in October of this year.

The system will be implemented at two sites: the mining facility at Jalamid and the processing plant at Ras Al Khair, from where the Diammonium Phosphate (DAM) produced is sold primarily into international markets. These projects form part of parent company Ma’aden’s commitment to develop the mineral wealth of Saudi Arabia and become a catalyst for downstream industries.


Quality Ireland LinkedIn Group

Quality Ireland emerged in early 2012 from an initiative at the Quality Management Standards Committee hosted by NSAI. Its members come from a variety of backgrounds. It has now set up a LinkedIn group – Quality Ireland.

According to Quality Ireland, their LinkedIn group is a powerful communication network for people who share their vision of “A better Ireland” and support their mission ‘To promote and foster a culture of quality in Ireland to make life better for individuals, communities, organisations and society in general”.

Membership of the Quality Ireland LinkedIn Group is available, on a moderated basis, to people of all backgrounds who would like to support their work.


Some New Year cheer

When one reads news of the Irish economy, one can’t but sometimes get a little dispirited. That’s why we need to celebrate good news stories when we come across them.

Well here’s a good news story. Food and drink exports from Ireland for 2011 are expected to reach an all-time high of €8.9 billion, up more than 12% on 2010. Overall, the food and drink sector is estimated to be worth €24 billion.

The food and drink sector is one of a number of sectors of the economy that is doing really well. We see it on a daily basis with the continued demand for food safety training courses.

More analysis here.

Onwards and upwards for the food and drink sector in 2012!

Half Door Brown bread


If you would like to comment/provide feedback on new FETAC management system standards …

New FETAC management system standards have been developed.

They consist of a 15 credit, Level 6, Special Purpose award, Documented Management Systems which is made up of a mandatory minor, Characteristics of Management Systems, and one of the following minors:
Quality Management Systems
Environmental Management Systems
Health and Safety Management Systems

The draft standards are now up on the FETAC website for comment by interested parties. Here is a link to the page. Instructions as to how you can provide feedback are included.

If these standards are of interest to you/your company, now is the chance to contribute your feedback before the standards are published. Time is of the essence as the opportunity for feedback will only be about 10 days.

It is planned to develop further related standards in the future.


New Name, Same Familiar Faces

antarisOur training partner of fifteen years, TMS Consultancy, has recently completed a detailed review of how they work and communicate with their customers and, as a result, to facilitate their continued expansion into new markets, they’ve changed their trading name to Antaris (a guiding star, which has played a key role in safe navigation since ancient times).

As TMS Consultancy, Antaris has been helping clients across a range of industries in Ireland, Europe and beyond, to address the challenges of managing their Health and Safety, Environmental, Quality, Accessibility, Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility issues for many, many years. The familiar faces of Gerry, Shane, Finbarr, Doug and Nick will continue to deliver in excess of 45 different training programmes with SQT Training, to the same high standard of excellence as before.
In line with their commitment to continuous improvement, Antaris has launched a new website http://www.AntarisConsulting.com, which provides more details of their management systems expertise, training and consultancy services and software solutions. They have also completed a significant upgrade of their flagship software product, Register of Legislation, which will be re-launched as Pegasus Legal Register on the 1st July. Pegasus Legal Register is a successful and innovative software solution that makes the daunting task of interpreting environmental and health and safety legal requirements and assessing compliance, easy and simple.

SQT Training has always been proud of our relationship with the Antaris Team and so we look forward to many more years of our business evolution and shared opportunities.


Register of Legislation

Our tutors in the area of Quality, Environment and Health and Safety are TMS Consultancy. TMS specialise in training and consultancy in these three core areas. TMS also however maintain registers of legislation on behalf of many Irish and UK companies. This internet based service assists organisation in understanding, interpreting and reacting to their legal requirements. It dramatically reduces the implementation costs associated with such systems and allows for organisation-wide involvement.

The TMS Register of Legislation service is the only ISO 9001 certified service of its kind in Ireland.

Here is the website of their register of legislation.

The benefits for an organisation include:

  • ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001, ILO-OSH 2001 and EMAS Regulation compliant.
  • Expert interpretation of the organisation’s exposure/liability.
  • Continuous updates on new/impending legislation.
  • Any staff can access expert information anywhere they need it.
  • Satisfies applicable legislative/regulatory conditions.
  • Links the organisation to SIs, Acts, Regulations, Directives, Codes of Practice and additional guidance.

Organisations using this service from TMS  include:

  • Analog Devices
  • Alps Electric
  • Avid Technology
  • Banta Global Turnkey
  • Cadbury Ireland
  • Dell Inc.
  • Element Six
  • ESB
  • ESBI
  • Glanbia
  • Guidant Ireland
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Kerry Ingredients
  • Lotus Automation
  • O2 Communications
  • SMC Group
  • Walsh Western

More information can be obtained by contacting TMS at 061 464666 or info@registeroflegislation


Some longer courses which are starting soon …

With September coming and children returning to school and students starting or returning to college, many people begin to think of their own training needs. There has never been as much emphasis on upskilling for all of us.

Here in SQT we find a big increase in course bookings at this time of year. I just want to draw your attention to some of the longer courses commencing shortly. Here’s a quick list and I’ve inserted a link back to the course page, where further details can be found. I’ve included public courses of four days or more duration.

Black Belt – HETAC level 8, commencing 12th October Dublin

Green Belt – HETAC level 7, commencing 22nd September Dublin and 19th October in Cork

Green Belt – HETAC level 6, commencing 22nd September Dublin and 19th October in Cork

NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, commencing 23rd September Dublin

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, commencing 28th September Dublin

Certified Energy Management – AEE, commencing 21st September Dublin

Train the Trainer, National Register of Trainers – FETAC level 6, commencing 12th October Dublin and 16th November Limerick

Quality Management Systems Auditor/Lead Auditor – IRCA, commencing various dates in the Autumn in Dublin and Limerick

Lean Manufacturing Tools – FETAC level 5, commencing 14th September Dublin

IEMA Approved Foundation Course in Environmental Auditing (Ireland), commencing 11th October Dublin

IEMA Approved Advanced EMS Auditing Course (Ireland), commencing 22nd November Dublin

Occupational Health & Safety Management System Lead Auditor, commencing 8th November Dublin

Good luck to all.


Which Quality Auditor course?

A common question we get asked is “Should I attend the five day Quality Management Systems Auditor / Lead Auditor or the two day Internal Quality Auditor training course?”

The answer really depends on what level of involvement the individual will have in Quality Management Systems (QMS) auditing – the two day course is for internal auditors who would normally perform internal audits of part of the QMS in addition to their normal “everyday” role. The five day course is for individuals who will have a more detailed involvement in auditing and many will have full-time roles as QMS auditors either of vendors/suppliers or third party organizations, normally auditing the entire QMS.

The aim of the five day Quality Management Systems Auditor/Lead Auditor training course is to provide learners with the in-depth knowledge and skills required to perform external audits i.e. vendor (second party) and independent e.g., certification (third party) audits of Quality Management Systems against ISO 9001, in accordance with ISO 19011. The skills gained can also be used by internal auditors though usually these people will be from larger organizations and/or regulated industries. It is also very useful for those who themselves are audited by customers, or regulatory/certification bodies. Learners have also found it also very beneficial for those who wish to implement or manage Quality Management Systems in their own organizations to meet the requirements of ISO 9001.

The five day course assumes the learner has a good prior knowledge of the standard, though learners can develop their understanding immediately prior to and throughout the course.

The aim of the two day Internal Quality Auditor training course is to provide learners with a good understanding of the structure and purpose of ISO 9001 and the knowledge and skills to perform internal (first party) audits i.e., internal audits within their own organisation of their Quality Management Systems against ISO 9001, in accordance with ISO 19011. It is also useful if they are an auditee i.e., on the receiving end of internal or external audits and for learners who wish to update their organization’s approach to internal QMS auditing, making sure audits add-value and facilitate improvement.

Learners with no prior knowledge of ISO 9001 can be accommodated on the two day course.

On both courses, various exercises are carried out using role-plays, case studies and sample documentation. On In-House courses, the practical exercises can be carried out using the organisation’s own quality system and can be planned to finish with an internal QMS audit carried out by the learners themselves.

Both courses are IRCA certified and delivered by TMS Consultancy, an IRCA approved Training Organisation.

IRCA, the International Register of Certificated Auditors is the world’s original and largest international certification body for auditors of management systems. Learners on both courses are assessed against IRCA criteria. Continuous assessment is used on the two day Internal QMS Auditor course. The five day course is assessed by both continuous assessment and a written examination.

Learners who successfully complete these training courses can go on to be registered with IRCA as auditors provided they meet IRCA’s training, education, work and audit experience requirements for the relevant auditor grade.The requirements for IRCA registration of auditors are here.

I hope this post clarifies the differences between the two courses.

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